Workday Adaptive Planning EPM Solution

The deployment of an EPM solution is considered as the first essential step to optimize the budget management process. It is used by 70% of the respondents (including 85% for organizations with revenues of over €500 million)

Equip your budget construction and reporting processes for greater agility and speed in global
performance management.

The Adapt1Solution team enables financial organizations to move from static spreadsheets to active strategy.​
With our EPM solution, create your own planning models faster to facilitate decision making in your company.

Drop the spreadsheets.

By reducing the time spent on budgeting,

planning and analysis, you can focus on what really matters: strategy. The EPM toolset enables you to collaboratively plan and model, analyze data in real time, and streamline complex reporting.

By adopting an active planning process

You will gain greater visibility into your company's performance. You'll increase confidence in the numbers, insight to make smarter decisions, and accountability throughout the organization, making you more agile than your competition.

The EPM suite: a solution for every problem

Icone planning


Complete budgeting, planning and forecasting with an intuitive, web-based Excel-like application, as well as a pure Excel interface for those who prefer it. Collaboratively plan and forecast revenues, expenses, and headcount, and create scalable forecasts with a powerful modeling engine and comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date data.

Icone reporting


Intuitive, self-service reporting for analysts, managers and executives. Financial and business users can quickly generate reports on actual, planned, and forecasted information from across the EPM solution. Online reports automatically sort and subtotal dimensions. Detailed and flexible parameters make it easy to analyze data across multiple scenarios.​

Icone analytics


Dashboards is a business intelligence tool that allows you to view numbers and charts side-by-side, to easily see variances, to customize KPI dashboards and to perform period-to-period analysis. OfficeConnect provides full connectivity between Excel, Word and PowerPoint, allowing data to flow from financial reports to full presentations.​

Icone intégration


Gives business users a full range of integration with leading ERP, CRM, proprietary and data warehouse systems. It’s easier than ever to turn data into information with a powerful self-service integration platform that connects on-premise and cloud software to the Adaptive Suite.