Accelerate the budget process

Identify the benefits of an EPM solution to accelerate your budget construction.

How can this be done?

AAs uncertainties grow, budget construction requires the simulation of more and more hypotheses that will form as many scenarios, before submitting a final version.

The interest of a CPM solution is then to manage the definition of the assumptions that will apply to all or part of the company. This will enable the various drivers reported by managers to be valued, with an enriched and more accurate budget management.

Produce scenarios in an “agile mode”

We help you project forecasts by producing predictive scenarios in compliance with your business rules

Improve your decision-making

We help you to better guide decision-making at all levels of the organization

We support you in building efficient automated logic models.

These models, which are generally specific to each department, are composed of a set of mathematical formulas linking the performance indicators and the parameters essential in the often complex business rules on which they depend (HR, supply chain, etc.). The absence of a model makes it difficult to take into account the modification of an assumption, because it requires the work of several people in non-formalized exchanges. Moreover, this can lead to errors. It is therefore suggested to build models where the modification of a single element will allow to calculate all the others.

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