Improve your forecasting

The budgetary process responds to the need to homogenize and automate processings with the aim of reducing the production time essential ato the numerous round trips (the traditional shuttle game) which weighs on its efficiency. The aim is to bring coherence to the role of each contributor and thus relevance to its overall construction.

How can this be done?

This requires to:

  • Define contributor profiles;
  • Set up validation workflows to control each contributor’s intervention and ensure optimal management of the successive construction phases;
  • Set up interdependency rules between the budgets of each department for an automated update of the global budget at each revision of assumptions;

Manage the role of each actor

The budget process involves many actors with different levels of approval. They must coordinate within a given timeframe to establish several versions of the budget with direct impacts on each other. This coordination is therefore a guarantee of agility, consistency and credibility of the budget process

Promote global consistency with flexible options

An efficient budgeting process must be flexible and responsive. A high level of reactivity is therefore necessary to make choices or eliminate parameterization options and ensure the compatibility globally

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