Implementing Workday Adaptive Planning: how did it go at Medincell?

Sandra Bernard, Controller at Medincell talks about the implementation of Workday Adaptive Planning

The priorities of BIOTECH Medincell’s financial department were cash management, payroll monitoring and OPEX control. Workday Adaptive Planning was quickly adopted by the finance department, both during the closing period and during the forecasting phases. Gradually, the operational managers were able to contribute in a collaborative mode to the process of drawing up budgets and forecasts. They have also been able to benefit from their monthly budget monitoring. The governance bodies have also appreciated the clarity of the new reporting.


” Workday Adaptive Planning has allowed us to structure our basic financial processes and enable us to focus on creating medium-term scenarios that can be adjusted based on our research progress.”

Jaime Arango, CFO Medincell

Founded in 2003 and based near Montpellier, the pharmaceutical technology company MedinCell has been using Workday Adaptive Planning software for over a year now. For this company, the tool simplifies the work and it significantly increases the reactivity and the reliability.

Thanks to the software and the intervention of the Adapt1solution team, MedinCell has been able to manage its budget planning in a fluid, continuous and collaborative manner.

A big thank you to Cédric Fradin from Altitude Infrastructure for agreeing to play the role of interviewer!