ETL Solution Adalink

A pure Adapt1Solution tool to ensure the quality of your data and build a common repository for your entire organization.

Prepare and qualify your data to ensure
and consistent usage.

Our ETL consultants, specialized in relational databases, will support you in enriching your massive structured or unstructured data and setting up your decision-making system. They will help you link your various business tools.

They are there to ensure optimal integration of data from your functional applications or external sources, as well as the reliability and quality of the data you wish to make available to your employees.

Why use an

An ETL tool allows you to collect, qualify, transform, synchronize and centralize data.

This data exploitation work is carried out in 3 stages: collection (Extract), preparation (Transform) and loading (Load). The exploitable data will be loaded towards a target destination. Most often they are sent to a data warehouse. This warehouse acts as a repository for all applications.

The ETL solution will allow the management of projects such as:

Data integration and qualification

Data integration and consolidation

Data synchronization architecture

dashboard process adalink

The ADALINK tool

The flow of data and its quality is essential in the proper implementation of a financial management tool (EPM Enterprise Performance Management).

Adalink is a platform for connecting and translating (ETL Extract Transform and Load) your heterogeneous data sources (ERP, CRM, HRISs, Xls……) into a single connector presenting all its standardized data. It does not require any programming and allows the EPM administrator to easily create the correspondence between this connector and the different target sheets.